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How to Remove RV Exterior Light Covers

As passionate RV enthusiasts, we understand the significance of maintaining your recreational vehicle in top-notch condition.

Whether you need to replace a bulb, clean the covers, or upgrade to more energy-efficient options, knowing how to properly remove the exterior light covers is essential.

In this article, we will take you through the entire process, get ready to learn the best techniques and tips for a smooth and hassle-free experience in maintaining and enhancing your RV’s lighting system!

Let’s dive in!

How to Remove RV Exterior Light Covers

Prepare Your Work Area

Before you begin, make sure you have a clean, well-lit workspace.

Gather the necessary tools, including a screwdriver set and a soft cloth for cleaning.

Ensure that your RV’s electrical system is turned off to prevent any accidents.

Identify the Type of Light Cover

RVs can have different types of exterior light covers, such as snap-on covers, screw-on covers, or twist-off covers.

Identifying the type of cover will help you understand how to remove it properly.

Snap-On Light Covers

Snap-on covers are the easiest to remove.

Gently insert a flathead screwdriver between the cover and the base.

Apply slight pressure to pry the cover off.

Be careful not to use excessive force to avoid damaging the cover or the RV’s exterior.

Screw-On Light Covers

For screw-on covers, you’ll need a screwdriver.

Look for the screws holding the cover in place and carefully unscrew them.

Once the screws are removed, gently lift the cover off the base.

Twist-Off Light Covers

Twist-off covers usually have a locking mechanism that requires a simple twist to remove.

Hold the base of the cover firmly and rotate the cover counterclockwise until it comes off.

Inspect the Gasket

While the cover is off, take a moment to inspect the gasket or sealing ring.

If it’s damaged or worn out, consider replacing it to maintain a watertight seal.

Clean the Cover and Base

With the cover removed, clean it thoroughly with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth.

Also, clean the base to remove any dirt or debris.

Replacing the Bulb

If your goal is to replace the bulb, this is the perfect time to do so.

Carefully remove the old bulb by gently twisting it counterclockwise.

Insert the new bulb and twist it clockwise to secure it in place.

Putting the Cover Back On

Once you have completed your task (whether it’s cleaning, replacing the bulb, or other maintenance), it’s time to put the cover back on.

Simply reverse the steps you followed to remove it.

For snap-on covers, align the cover with the base and press firmly until you hear it snap into place.

For screw-on covers, reinsert the screws and tighten them securely.

For twist-off covers, hold the base and rotate the cover clockwise until it locks into position.

Testing the Light

Before you call it a day, don’t forget to test the light to ensure everything is in working order.

Turn on the RV’s electrical system and check if the light functions properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any type of screwdriver to remove the light covers?

It’s best to use a screwdriver that fits the screw heads perfectly to avoid stripping the screws. A multi-bit screwdriver set with various sizes will be helpful for different types of screws.

How often should I clean my RV exterior light covers?

Cleaning the covers once every few months is sufficient. However, if you frequently travel in dusty or dirty environments, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

Can I replace the bulb with an LED bulb?

Yes, replacing traditional bulbs with LED bulbs is a popular and energy-efficient option. Just ensure you select the right LED bulb that fits your light fixture.

I can’t find replacement gaskets for my light covers. What should I do?

If you’re unable to find replacement gaskets, you can try contacting the RV manufacturer or a specialized RV parts store. Alternatively, consider using a silicone-based sealant to create a new seal.

Are there any specific safety precautions I should take before removing the covers?

Yes, safety is crucial. Always turn off the RV’s electrical system before working on the lights. Additionally, wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from any potential hazards.

My twist-off light cover seems stuck. What can I do?

Twist-off covers can sometimes get stuck due to dirt or grime buildup. Try using a lubricant or penetrating oil to loosen it. If that doesn’t work, seek professional assistance to avoid damaging the cover or the base.


Congratulations! You now know how to remove RV exterior light covers like a seasoned pro.

By following the step-by-step instructions and utilizing the tips and insights provided, you can easily tackle this maintenance task on your own.

Remember to always prioritize safety and take the time to inspect and clean your RV’s lighting system regularly.

Maintaining your RV in top condition will ensure you have many memorable journeys ahead.

Now, go ahead and shine a light on your next adventure with a well-maintained and properly functioning RV lighting system!